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COVID-19 Coronavirus | Studio Update | Motherhood Photography | Grande Prairie, Alberta Photographer

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

March 24, 2020 UPDATE: After much thought, several sleepless nights and with a heavy heart, all sessions scheduled between today and April 24 will be postponed until further notice. I will reassess the situation and notify any clients booked for after that date as we get further into April. I know how important these photos are and I want nothing more than to be able to help with them, but COVID-19 has made this too risky. It is literally impossible to complete sessions and maintain social distancing. During sessions I am constantly fixing hair, straightening clothing, adjusting props that we would all touch. Believe me, I have thought of every possible way to try to make this work. To try to keep my doors open and all our families safe. To not put anyone at risk. But when it all boils down, no matter how much I clean or try not to touch anyone the risk remains too high. As important as I believe these precious memories are, no photo is worth risking anyone’s health or well being. Once it is safe to do so, I will reschedule sessions as quickly as possible and so that they happen in the same order they would have if we had not had to postpone. Clients who prefer to cancel your session completely rather than wait this out, please let me know and I will refund your retainer. With much love, Melanie

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