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Mama, you're gorgeous! Let's capture it!

...the way you're glowing, the feeling that started as a tiny flutter and grew to full on bladder kicks, the closeness you feel to your partner. Preserve it all.

Your maternity session will be perfectly styled. With more than 100 wardrobe options to choose from you are sure to find something you'll love! If you're not comfortable in front of the camera, don't worry! I will guide you through posing to ensure the most flattering photos.

Your baby. Your everything.


Her tiny little fingers, his precious toes, the way she sucks her lip in. His back rolls, that curl of hair and that new baby smell.

Your baby’s photo session with Motherhood Photography will be laid back and relaxed. From the moment you walk through the studio doors to the moment I hand back your precious little, you will be invited to lounge in my luxurious sitting area with your favourite coffee or come join me in the adjacent room with me while I work my magic. There will be plenty of time to try on gowns for mama and toddlers, to choose props and hats or headbands for baby and to tend to all your baby’s needs. I invite you to enjoy the process (and maybe sneak in a little nap if you’d like to)!

Whether you're looking for wall art, albums or digital photos you can print yourself, I've got you covered.

Let's chat about your session!

Email me here or give me a call at

(780) 897-5729.


*Check out what people are saying about Motherhood Photography below.



Melanie is amaaaaaazing!!! We have done four different photo sessions with her and every time I am beyond amazed at the photos! Most recently, we did two year pictures and we had a very stubborn model. I wasn’t expecting a miracle and somehow we still have the most wonderful Photos! Every session is so personalized and she works with you to create the best experience, location, props etc. for what your are after. I am two years late on the newborn review, but greatest newborn pictures I could have ever hoped for! It was like watching a ballet how she dressed and moved and posed our 2 week old... Audrey was cuddled and happy the whole time. I was worried that it would be a struggle and stressful for our little babe. Not at all!! ...and again, pictures were absolutely stunning!

Megan Wisser

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